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Hair is Hair

From the kinks to the curls to the straights, hair is hair. There has always been a stigma regarding white hair, black hair, mixed hair etc. but truth be told, hair is hair. There are different ways to maintain the different hair textures but the fact still remains, hair is hair. Find the product that corrects your hair issue and you will eliminate a lot of wasted product.

We tend to buy products from recommendations or ads but the focus really needs to be on the results that we are trying to achieve. For example, a person with dry brittle hair no matter the texture should use a product that moisturizes and strengthens the hair. Why? Because these are the solutions to the two hair issues listed. Another example, if your have fine limp hair, you should use products that add volume and shine without weight or oil. Hair care is not as hard as it seems. Its mainly product knowledge that has us baffled sometimes.

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