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Moisture Madness

With an increase in Natural hair wearers the need to go back to the basics has definitely arrived. Remember when our moms and grandmas cared for our hair? There was no special formula, just "grease" and water or lotion and water and we had the longest thickest hair ever. Fast forward to this day in age where the supply of beauty products are increasing daily making the choices harder and harder. But there is a simple remedy for it all: Choose products that are rich in natural oils and vitamins, choose products that are water based, choose products that are all natural, sulfate free and are free of alcohol.

This week we are spotlighting our Mango Moisture System which is great for all hair types and infuses hair with extreme moisture. This set includes 5 products that work together bringing ultimate shine, softness and stimulates growth. Included in the System is the Shampoo and Conditioner, Leave In Mist, Scalp Treatment Oil and Mango Butter.

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