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Summer Hair Care Tips

I know we all love to take advantage of the low maintenance hairstyles, swim, and be out in the sun for summer but there's a few tips to help keep your hair healthy and strong!!

  1. When wearing braids, pin-ups, locs or any other low maintenance hair style be sure to moisturize your hair and scalp on a routine basis. Shampoo and change your hair style up every 3 weeks to prevent locing or breakage.

  2. When participating in swimming or water activities, shampoo your hair immediately after with a clarifying or deep cleansing shampoo. Then apply a deep moisturizing conditioner and leave in.

  3. If you are participating in summer sun activities, protect your hair with moisture!! Use a leave in conditioner, moisture balm, polishing serum or spray before heading out.

Remember!! Moisture infusion will help most hair care issues depending on the hair type. Check out a full line of products at

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